Martin Luther King Day commemorated

By Bampia Bundu

Bockarie Enssah and youth at work


The birthday of the greatest Black American human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. was on Saturday, January 14 this year, observed in Sierra Leone by the Youth Alliance for Peace and Development (YAPAD) who organised community cleaning exercises in the Kroo Bay community and the Ascension town Cemetery.

Addressing celebrants at the ceremony, the National Coordinator of YAPAD, Mr. Bockarie Enssah, noted that every third Monday in January of every year marks the natal day of one of American Black heroes who stood firm to advocate for black freedom in the United States of America.

He also stated that this day has been celebrated every year in America through various community services which he said they are replicate here every year.

Mr. Enssah revealed that they received support from the American Embassy in Sierra Leone who provided them with ten shovels, ten rakes, ten head pans and other cleaning materials.

He explained that they chose the Kroo Bay community because it lacks the basic necessities and also because it is full of dirt and needs proper cleaning.

He also stated that they also chose the Ascension town Cemetery because a lot of dead heroes are buried there.

Presenting the cleaning materials to the various communities, Mr. Enssah appealed to the youths to take good care of the materials as they will have to use them for a long time.

Receiving the cleaning materials, Mr. Abdul Rashid Bangura, a resident of the Kroo Bay, expressed their satisfaction for receiving the item, which he said they will use properly and keep safe for future use.

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  • Bacris jay

    To clean our environment well help us to protect diseased,thanks very much to all of you may God bless you all. From Bacris jay you can also find me on Facebook.

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